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Bangalore Randonneurs Monsoon Challenge 2021

Challenge registration is closed



01/07/2021 to 31/07/2021

Challenge Criteria

Complete Bike/Cycle ride of 51KM on atleast 15 days between July 1 to 31st 2021 to complete this challenge. Rides can be on non-consecutive days too.

Current Stats

Participants - 586
Workouts - 7549
Total Distance - 487117.2 Km
Total Workout Time - 31496 Hrs

Rules And Details

Rules for Bangalore Randonneurs Monsoon Challenge -

--Challenge dates - 1 - 31,July 2021

--Ride Distance has to be 51 Kms or more recorded as a Public workout on Strava App. Only rides with above will be considered. There is no extra credit for higher distance rides and there are no leaderboard ranks for this challenge.

--Only one ride of 51km+ / day will be considered.

--There is no time limit for the 51km - you can finish in 2 hours or 10 hours. There is no extra credit for finishing the ride faster and there are no leaderboard rankings for this challenge. One single ride of 51km+ / day to be considered for the challenge.

--Ride anywhere / anytime Indoor or outdoor.

--No other records apart from Strava are considered. Kindly log or port your data to Strava for the Challenge.

--Each day for considering a workout starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM local time.

--You have to have a qualifying workout for any 15 days in July 2021. You can start on any date between July 1st to July 15th .

--Kindly follow all Covid19 regulations during the ride.

--Each individual is responsible for his own health & safety and Bangalore Randonneurs is not responsible for any casualty. By entering into the challenge you accept the above.

--Bangalore Randonneurs decision is final.

--Kindly follow Covid appropriate behaviour. Social distancing, wear mask. Stay Safe & Ride Safe.

--Best wishes to all 👍

--Challenge Mechanism

--After connecting your strava account here, no further action is necessary (other than logging your workouts on strava as public!). Your workouts will automatically be retrieved every day.

--Bangalore Randonneurs will publish the result of the challenge at the end of the Challenge period i.e after July 31.

--Bangalore Randonneurs will award 🏅 to all finishers.
Manual workout uploads to strava will not be considered in Leaderboard calculation