India first virtual fitness festival!
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Find the challenges you like, join by connecting your fitness tracker, continue tracking your workouts and win exciting rewards!

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About FreeVirtual

Goals.Fit is a platform for fitness communities and clubs.
FreeVirtual by Goals.Fit is a month long virtual fitness festival and a great way to start and continue fitness as a habit. Also get rewarded for it!
Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, FreeVirtual will challenge you, every quarter with fun and interesting fitness challenges in your favorite sports - Running, Cycling, Walking and Steps.
And to add one more motivation to keep you going, win amazing rewards from great wellness and fitness brands. All for participating and winning in these challenges!
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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Two reasons -
  1. Virtual challenges are great to keep you motivated to stay or get fit. They give you a goal to pursue while allowing you the freedom of schedule and location.
  2. Winning, and some times event participating in any of the FreeVirtual challenges can get you rewards from exclusive fitness and wellness brands.
Participating any of the FreeVirtual challenges is free for all!
You can join any number of FreeVirtual challenges you like! But your rank will be calculated only if you have an eligible workout on strava/google fit. Workouts are checked for eligibility based on the challenge conditions.
If you are not already on Goals.Fit, an account is automatically created for you when you login with your strava account.
If you are participated on any challenge earlier on Goals.Fit, then the existing account will be linked. But please use the same email address you had used earlier (in the Goals.Fit app, tap bottom right most profile icon -> tap Edit profile to see email you have used). Please note that if you use a different email address then a new account will be created for you.
  • Browse the available, ongoing and future challenges. Select the difficulty level and sport using filters.
  • Tap/click the Join Now button
  • Login using your strava account
  • Continue tracking your workouts on strava or connect your device (e.g garmin) to your strava account
  • Done!
Yes, more the merrier!
Invite them by sharing this link - .
Challenges and ranks
Yes! Do check the email you used during sign up to Goals.Fit for the confirmation.
The top leaders of each challenge will be shown here on this website (link) and you can see your current status on it. Alternatively, you can also see your rank on the Goals.Fit app (android and iphone - link).
Details of eligible workouts which were used to calculate ranks will only be shown on the Goals.Fit mobile app. Please use the same strava account and email address to login - the list of all challenges which you have joined will be shown on the app then.
Ranks are updated every 4 hours in case of strava based challenges and once a day in case of Steps challenges.
These kind of workouts are not eligible - manual updates to strava, workouts with overlapping times, flagged workouts on strava.
Prizes and Rewards
One individual is eligible for one winner prize only across FreeVirtual Challenges. That is, if you have won a winner prize in any of the other FreeVirtual Challenges then you will not be eligible for the winner prize in this challenge. Your rank on the leaderboard will still be displayed.
There is no restriction on number of participation rewards you can win.
FreeVirtual Challenges prizes will be sent within India only. You can still participate and your leaderboard rank will be updated too.

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