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    Build and Grow your fitness Community with Virtual Races

    Build and Grow your fitness Community with Virtual Races

    Host virtual races on Goals.Fit for engaging with your community. Goals.Fit makes it super simple with the most sophisticated solution for communities.

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Who can use Goals.Fit?

Virtual races on Goals.Fit can help you engage your community of fitness focused members - whether they are in your running or cycling club, your team mates at office, neighbors in your apartment building, customers of your fitness/wellness company. Explore the power of the most sophisticated, automated platform for hosting and managing virtual races efficiently - so you can focus on engagement instead of operations.

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Running/Cycling Clubs

Keep your club alive with regular challenges to motivate members - make your life simple with automated leaderboards.

Office Coworkers

All co-workers working from home? Goals.Fit gives you a way to keep your co-workers connected with friendly fitness competitions.


Set individual goals for each of your members with virtual challenges - keep your mentee striving to stay fit.

Wellness Brands

Create and grow your own fitness community - turn a transaction into a deeper customer relationship. Increase LTV and ROAS with Goals.Fit.

Event Organizers

Goals.Fit takes away all your event operations work - so you can increase your revenue by organizing several races simultaneously.


Fundraising made simple with virtual challenges - no hassle with permissions and event managers. Allow supporters from across the world to contribute too.

Focus on your community, leave the hard work to us.

Do you think managing and engaging your fitness community/club/group is taking a lot of your time?

Do you organize virtual races regularly and want to make operations easy?

Leave the hard work to Goals.Fit and focus on building your community!

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Goals.Fit makes your virtual race/challenge reliable - with automated data sync from Strava and Google Fit (steps for now, more coming soon), considering only tracked data and separating manual updates, full visibility to organizer on the workouts considered for the leaderboard ranks.


Only Goals.Fit offers wide flexibility - with different types of challenges, ranked and non-competitive challenges and many more options.


Built by a team with experience of organizing more than 40 events, Goals.Fit understands and solves the challenges faced by club admins and event organizers. Use our expertise to organize a better virtual races and challenges.

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Why Choose Goals.Fit?

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Create a virtual race in 5 minutes.

Everything in 1 place - get new participants, collect registration fees, live rank update and leaderboards.

Fully automated data sync with Strava and Google Fit (steps).

Real time, automated rank calculation and leaderboard updates.

Web admin to see eligible workouts of participants and reject suspicious entries.