Organizer FAQ

Here are some questions frequently asked by Organizers of Virtual Races on Goals.Fit.

If you have questions about participating in a virtual race/challenge on Goals.Fit, please check the Participant FAQ.

Please feel free to write to us at support at if your query is not answered here.


To create a new challenge quickly, follow this link – Virtual Race Creation Hub.

Or, you can also download the Goals.Fit app for virtual races.

Click here to see the list of all Public challenges on Goals.Fit.

You can create a new challenge for free from the Goals.Fit mobile app

  • Download from –

  • Sign up as a new user – use Google Fit/Strava login for quick login, else you can use email sign up too

  • If you used email sign up, please click the confirmation link sent to your email

  • Login to Goals.Fit

  • Tap the top left menu icon and select Host Challenge option

  • Enter the conditions of the Challenge such as start, end, last date for registration dates, challenge type

  • Complete by tapping the ‘Create Challenge’ button

  • Your virtual challenge is ready!

  • After creating you’ll be shown a link which you can now share with anyone.

Please note that the upper limit of participants for free challenges on Goals.Fit is 15. If you would like to increase the participation limit for your challenge or organize a challenge with an entry fee, please email us – [email protected] for more information.


To organize a challenge with an entry fee,  subscribe to one of our paid upgrades. Click here to see details of paid upgrades on Goals.Fit.


To organize a challenge with an entry fee, please  subscribe to one of our paid upgrades. Click here to see details of paid upgrades on Goals.Fit.

Then create a new virtual race/challenge according to your criteria and send us an email (support at goals dot fit) with the details of the fees and the entitlements for the participants. We will set up the entry fee and then you can start sharing the Challenge link.

Please note that participants can join Paid challenges from the web in addition to the Goals.Fit app.

When a virtual race/challenge is created on Goals.Fit, it is created in the ‘Private’ mode by default.

For these challenges, only the Organizer has the link – only they can share it ahead.

Private races/challenges will not be shown in the list of virtual races on Goals.Fit either.

After you share the challenge link with your club or community, they can join the challenge by clicking on the link.

Once anyone joins a Private challenge, it will appear in their ‘My leaderboards’ section on the Goals.Fit app.

Public races/challenges are shown to all users for the Goals.Fit app.

They also are shown on our list of challenges and searchable online.

To organize a Public virtual race/challenge with an entry fee,  please subscribe to one of our paid upgrades and then email us (support at goals dot fit). Click here to see details of paid upgrades on Goals.Fit.


Goals.Fit does not cross promote or misuse any user data. We do not send direct email communication to your virtual race/challenge participants unless asked by you.

Organizers have access to the data of only those who join their virtual race/challenge.