Check and Resync Your Workouts on Goals.Fit

To check workouts and force Refresh your workouts, we have added a new functionality recently. Would you like to try it out?

Please use the following procedure –

  • from your laptop browser, browse to
  • login with your strava or google account.
  • from the menu, click on ‘My workouts’.
  • you will see all your workouts retrieved to Goals.Fit.
  • if you see any workout missing, click on the ‘Missing workouts’ button and select the date of the workout.
  • your rides will be added to the queue for resyncing. depending on how many other processes are ongoing, it may take some time for sync to happen again.
  • refresh the same page after 10-15 minutes and you should see the workouts updated.
  • challenge stats and ranks also will be updated up to 15 minutes of your resync request.

Please write to us know if you face any issues using this – link.