You already are on whatsapp, strava, instagram and facebook. So why list your club on Goals.Fit?

Glad you asked! Here’s a few reasons why –

While you are available on so many platforms, it is still difficult to find you – because most platforms are closed. The Goals.Fit directory is meant to be open and searchable so that anyone searching on the internet is able to find you, and you are able to grow your fitness club. Plus, members can contact you directly without your email being shared publicly.

We will be bringing exclusive deals and discounts from fitness and wellness brands for registered clubs. Exclusive access to upcoming products, invites to product launches, endorsements and sponsorships too!

Organize virtual races with the full end to end system on Goals.Fit and make collecting membership and club event registration fees a smooth process instead of tracking multiple online payments, having one system for event registration and another for managing.

As a club manager, you know how difficult it is to communicate important notices to members. Whatsapp groups are great for personal messages, but is not easy to make sure everyone sees a notice you send. Also, there is no easy way for you to keep a record of contribution by volunteers, recognize and reward them.

Goals.Fit is building the most sophisticated solution for fitness clubs, groups and community – start by listing your club here – for FREE!

You can also use Goals.Fit to engage your community. Host virtual ride challenges and keep them active with live ranks and leaderboards.